Web Design

From a blank sheet of paper to sketches to wireframe and into production, Black Wolf Media hand crafts each and every site to our clients' liking. We believe that each and every client has unique needs that a simple "cookie-cutter" template cannot fill. Your website or web application will be as simple or as complex as YOU want it to be! You have the choice to be "hands-on" and involved in the design process or to simply give us a general idea and leave it in our hands. The choice is YOURS!

Site/App Development

Once the design process is complete our team of developers take the design and go off to work their magic. From basic HTML to Javascript and all the way to complex PHP, our team of highly experienced developers can do it all. During the initial development process there is very little room for change, but don't worry, after the initial development run we will schedule another meeting to show you our work and discuss any changes or improvements you may want. The development process is not finished until YOU are happy with the finished product.

Custom Graphics

Along with web designers and developers, Black Wolf Media also has a team of outstanding graphics artists. Does your site or application need some simple Photoshop work? No problem! Do you need a fully customized and complex logo? Again, no problem at all! We promise to deliver graphics that suit any needs you can think of and that are royalty and copyright free! That means they belong to YOU and you can use them in any manner you wish!

Cross-Browser Compatibility

At Black Wolf Media we find nothing more distasteful than logging on to a website in our favorite browser only to find that it either looks terrible or doesn't even work at all! Our quality assurance tests each and every site we produce in all major and most minor internet browsers to ensure maximum cross-browser compatibility. If you are unsure whether we test or use a certain browser simply ask! If we don't currently test in your prefered browser we are more than happy to install it on our test systems and ensure compatibility.

Continued Maintenance

Upon completion of your site or application you may find that it is necessary to maintain or update your content, style, or functionality. We are more than happy to work with you at any time to help keep your site or application running at its peak functionality. We offer many options from small pay-per-change plans all the way to monthly and even annual contracts. If you feel this is something you would be interested in, please do not hesitate to ask any of our representatives about the available options. And of course, if the issue is something we have caused, we will fix it for free!


Your site could be featured here!

Your site could be featured here!

About Black Wolf Media

Black Wolf Media is a web design and development company out of Southern California. While we focus on local small businesses, thanks to modern technology we can and will work with clients from outside the state or even outside the country! No matter who you are or what your web needs are, Black Wolf Media can make it happen.

Every decision made at Black Wolf Media from technologies used down to cost of development is made to benefit our clients. We use the most up to date and cutting edge technologies available to the industry and do so at very competitive rates. Our developers and designers are always researching and learning new methods and technologies to bring to your application or website. We believe that the end of the "work day" does not mean our job is done. Our team will put in the late nights, long hours, and dedication necessary to deliver your product on time and to your liking.

All of us here at Black Wolf Media would like to thank you for taking the time to stop by our site and look around. If you think that Black Wolf Media might be a fit for you and/or your business head on over to the contact page and shoot us a message! We will get back to you as soon as we can and look forward to hearing from you!